Liberian Youths (NAPAM)

NAPAM is the National Association of Palava managers.NAPAM is a youth organization registered as an NGO with the Liberian Government.It membership is made up of students from high schools and universities with chaper in six (6) of Liberia's fifteen (15)counties. NAPAM is involve with peacebuilding and youths development programs.It has a national secretariat based in Monrovia- Liberia's capital. "Promoting the culture of peace among young peaple is our business".

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Introducing NAPAM

Declaration of intent

We the Palava Managers (peer mediators) of Liberia acknowledged our devout gratitude to God Almighty for our existence as young people united in one accord to work for peace and promote tolerance for difference, respect for rights, and freedom to work honestly for wealth, dignity and decency.
We realized, haven gone through a brutal civil war, that though we are different in ethnicity, religion, politics and traditional values system and believes, but we are ONE as Liberians and must coexist for peace.


The national Association of Palava Manager NAPAM, was founded in June 1998 by students trained as Peer Mediators (Palava Managers) under the Students Palava Management Program lunched by the Christian Health Association of Liberia (CHAL) in collaboration with UNICEF in 1994.
The Students Palava Management Program was in response to violence reported in schools following the Liberian civil war. There were series of violence reported in schools as ex-combatants from opposing warren factions and their victims met in the classrooms. These disturbances took up much of teaching time, as teachers were always busy judging cases. These judgments led to suspension and exposal of students.

As a result, students were trained to intervene and resolve conflict among their colleagues and facilitate genuine reconciliation. The students that received this training in various schools around the country organized themselves and form NAPAM. In January of 2001, Palava Managers from around the country met in Totota, Bong County- central Liberia at their first national convention and set up the national secretariat to coordinate the association’s activities nation wide. The national secretariat is based in Monrovia.

NAPAM is a member of the West Africa Network for Peace building (WANEP)


Maintain peace by promoting the concept of nonviolence and coexistence


*To foster genuine peace and reconciliation among Liberians

*To instill the culture of nonviolence in the Liberian youths

*To research and communicate on conflicting issues for possible resolution or prevention

*To carry out youth development programs through our local chapters


Peace building

*Organize training workshops, conferences, panel and groups discussions aimed at educating Liberians, mainly the youths to the concept of peace

*Organize sporting activities, academic exercises and competitions through our local chapters to create awareness for peace and coexistence.

*Promote active youth involvement in peace building and enhance consensus building among youths on national issues

Research and communication

*Research and document issues that may lead to conflict and communicate findings for possible solution or prevention.

*Publish newsletter on the association programs and activities as well as national issues of youths concern

Theater arts

*Communicate peace messages through theatre arts.

*Work with students and community-based youths to promote peace through arts.


*Empower youths, mainly youths in rural areas to get involve with agriculture activities for self-sustenance.


*Trained palava managers and interveners (peer mediators) are accorded full membership

*Affiliate membership are accorded young people that are not train as peer mediators or have some former peace education training. Other young people mainly female are encouraged to join

*Affiliate or honorary membership is accorded interested adults

Organizations we have worked with

*Action Aid-Liberia

*Reconciliation & Healing Unit, Christian Health Association of Liberia (CHAL)

*S.Edward Peal Peace Center, Liberia Annual Conference/ United Methodist Church


*German Agro Actions